Tim DeGraff

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Tim is an adviser to CIM and the Chief Executive Officer of WRA, Inc. He has served as the lead biologist for a wide range of wetland mitigation and restoration projects. Tim has developed restoration and enhancement designs including planting plans, soil specifications, and conceptual grading plans to meet the mitigation requirements of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He has prepared and implemented vegetation monitoring reports for restored wetlands, including development of sampling protocols and contingency measures to meet performance criteria. Tim is also experienced in designing, permitting, and managing wetland mitigation and wildlife conservation banks in California.

Having co-instructed the 40-hour wetland delineation course offered through San Francisco State University, Tim has extensive wetland delineation experience not only in California but also throughout the United States. Tim manages complex projects and is a regulatory specialist who has obtained numerous permit authorizations for large projects involving wetlands, endangered species, and water quality issues. He has also overseen compliance with permit conditions throughout the various stages of project implementation.